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“If you need one simple, commonly understood, mutually respected means of managing Risk and Compliance in real time, eCAP is what you need.”

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Track and Manage your Business Risk with eCAP.

Moving Risk & Compliance Management Online

Historically, risk and compliance management occurred by phone or e-mail, with activity buried in Excel or Word documents. eCAP streamlines and centralises this online - improving transparency and reducing operating cost while eliminating information latency.

GRC, Governance, Risk and Compliance Management

Action Plans

Geopolitical events, cyber threats, disruptive innovation, regulatory shifts and changing social demographics represent just a sample of issues that may trigger significant risks for an organisation. Having a robust risk management software solution to manage your Corrective and Preventative Action Plans is key.

Mobile Action Plan
  • Compliance Reporting


    Compliance Records

  • Inspection Reports


    Inpections Per Year

  • Audit Software


    Audits Per Month

  • Incident Software


    Incident Reports

  • Audits. Made Easy.

    Whether you outsource your audit functions, have your own auditor pool, or have staff members with responsibility for ensuring compliance at a departmental level, using the eCAP audit portal will ensure a stress free, standardised, centralised auditing process and tool for all involved.

  • Digital Audits with CAPs
  • Incident Management

    Use eCAP to track all incidents which can be logged via online forms that you can modify. Incidents are mapped out in heat maps, so it is easy to identify problem areas and patterns across the organisation.

  • Mobile Incident Management
  • Digital Inspections

    Our Inspection forms are integrated with smart tags, allowing you to tag any piece of equipment, location, vehicle or asset and perform inspections against it. This makes it quick and easy to perform any type of inspection such as vehicle, PAT or safety.

  • Digital Inspections
  • Online Compliance Training

    eCAP provides organisations and consultants with the tools to move their compliance training online. It makes it easy to invite staff to attend training online, complete tests and generate and distribute certificates.

  • Online Micro Training GRC

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